April 02, 2014

Signature catchphrases and contests...

    A while ago, I started a contest...It was so i could get ideas for my signature catchphrase. Unfortunately, only one person entered before I came up with a good (enough) signature catchphrase. (oh yeah, also, the person who entered was me, trying to remember the one idea i had so i wouldn't for get it)
   I had a new idea, Decided to close the contest because I liked the new catchphrase. My NEW catchphrase: (kinda this... I want to save the real thing for the end) "Have fun!" Now, I will tell you WHY it is what it is. People are always like "i'm going to.. do this" and  "I have to finish my work" My reply is always: (I have no idea where this came from) "Okay! Have fun!" I guess it's just that even though what they are doing isn't all that fun, I still want them to have fun. So, Now I will sign all my posts with my new Signature Catchphrase, including this on!
                                           ---Okay, I'm done with this post, so Have fun!

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