May 16, 2014

Best of the British Cheekbones..And American!(Sorry Quick post!!)

Sorry that this is going to be so short and that it has been so long! man, It has been forever since my last post! I found something slightly creepy, but in a very funny fandom way!
First look at colin Morgan's Cheek bones:

My favorites :

In really weird lighting:

Now, Benedict Cumberbatch:

you can REALLY see them in this one:

With his Coat:

Now... For the funny part.
Abraham Lincoln:

More Abraham Lincoln:

Colin morgan's and Benedict Cumberbatch's fangirls are constantly obsessing over their British cheekbones. How many modern day Women would have a crush on Lincoln? Probably all the women with crushes on Merlin and Sherlock would also have a crush on Lincoln.

April 14, 2014

Sherlock Fandom in LIFE

In science I am learning about fossils...That lead to me watching this: How to fossilize....yourself. The voice over...reminds me of MORIARTY!  It's so hilarious!

April 12, 2014

about me and.... blankets!

           I made an "about me presentation!"
     I circled the present button for those who are not used to google presentations. I love google presentations because multiple people can use it, and google is a flash drive that won't break and won't get lost! I like Prezi even more though, because you have that, plus THE BEST TRANSITIONS EVER! I might make a new about me prezi....actually, I already have made one!!let me go get it...(few minutes later) Oh, I made one about my family. I might share that later. I'll make another "about me" on prezi sometime, don't let me forget! (I was not sponsored for this review of google and prezi, fyi)
   Yo are probably so (emphasis on "so") curious about the second half of my title....blankets! Why am I talking about blankets?  You  know, the fuzzy blankets where you rub it one way and it is light colored, rub it the other way and it is dark? Well, bored little me drew Kayem on it! (Kayem is introduced.. kinda.. Here) I drew her.. upside down, kind of.  Here are two pics:

(i'm changing my signature.. AGAIN) Have fun with life!- Adi

April 08, 2014

Computer art and: Art, Fandoms, and Bunnies!

I made some pictures to represent what my blog is all about:

Art: Just word art for art
Art word art! Adi R.C.

Fandoms: (fan things to notice- fez on tardis, 221b on tardis, red bowtie/ knocker on tardis. sherlock's "otter-lock," "Jawn The hedgehog," Tenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver,  Arthur's excalibur, Merlin's Gold/magic eyes (those didn't turn out as well as expected)
Fandom mash up! Merwholockians unite! Adi R.C!

Bunnies: This didn't turn out looking how I wanted it to.
Jersey woolly word art! Adi R.C.

I made those pics a while ago.. sorry! This is the new stuff!
Mermaid: My cousin was drawing mermaids and I challenged her to see who could do the best. We tied.

spray painting the clouds: spring.
Inline image 1
Blue butterflies of the night

OH, I just remembered something i was planning to say: I'm good at art but, i'm still learning I'm not perfect. I'm not that amazing. I'm sharing with you  all my art.. even the failed ones. the art that didn't look right. As long as i actually finish the art, i'm putting it up here.

LDS Conference

  I'm Lds, or mormon, so I spent the weekend watching Conference! I actually watched it on youtube, LIVE. I didn't know youtube could do that...

April 02, 2014


    Hi, Adi Here,
Every new post will show up in the home, but to organize, I will put the link to the exact post in the topic page it belongs to. The title will be the word that it shows and, when you click on it.. Never mind, hopefully you already know how a link works. Anyways...It will take time to get all my old posts organized, but All my new post will be put onto their topic page shortly after I post them.
        --Okay, I'm Done with this post so, Have Fun!


Hi, Adi here!
This is  totally random just because i want to see something. i don't feel like explaining so........
     ---Okay, I'm done with this post, so Have fun!