About me And about My Blog

    Hi. I'm Adi. When i'm communicating by  typing I normally greet people by saying.. "Hi, Adi Here!" I figured it would be appropriate for my official Fandom/Art/Bunny blog. I love all of those things.
   My Fandoms:
        -Dr who, BBC
       -Sherlock, BBC
        -Merlin, Syfy/BBC
        - My little pony Friendship is magic. (this isn't as big as my other fandoms but.. it's there in my heart.)
        Updated Fandoms:
         -Maximum Ride By James Patterson
          -Witch And Wizard By James Patterson
         -Enders Game (The movie)
         -Enders game By Orson Scott Card (the book)
   My Art:
      -Chibi (i'm learning on this..)
      -a mix of realistic and anime (this is what most of my drawings are)
      - Painting, Water color and acrylic (trying/ soon to try out)
      -Carving soap (strange, I know but I LOVE THIS!)
  My Bunnies:
       -I love Jersey woolies. (like this one:
       -I also like Holland lops (But, I love jersey woollies way more. I obsess over jersey woollies.)

I don't have a bunny of my own yet, but i will let you know when i do. I will update this page.
        I go to an online school.
Update:  I am now Adding two NEW topics to my blog: (drum roll please) Beauty and school!! YAY!
Beauty: here are some of my goals.. To find how to do simple but cute designs with LOTS of color.
School: I go to school, so I thought I should add topic about it, just in case I post something..
   I also added a sub topic thing... LIFE I know i sometimes post random things and, "life" Is now my "random" Topic.

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