March 16, 2014

Art pics!

Sorry they are all side ways! I didn't realize that the camera would turn them!
First, Kayem. Her hair is supposed to be long but some how her hair ended up short so, she's confused.Confused girl: Adi R.C.
Next, Owly! I Used to read Andy Runton's "owly" books. I decided to do a tracing from the "how to draw owly" from the back of the book.. i actually drew it a couple years ago.. Sorry it's upsidedown!!Andy Runton's owly from Adi R.C.
Third, A Kayem comic. It has Kayem, Kiki, and Maya discussing math... drew this during math (hence the graph paper!)Comic from Adi R.C.

I painted a rainy park bench..It's sad :cRainy park bench: Adi R.C.

Dr who Call me Maybe Mix-up!! (I actually don't like this song, but I someone else make one like this...)
Dr who call me maybe: Adi R.C.

Otterlock And John the hedgehog: Otterlock: "Hey! You're a Hedge-hog! Jawn!" Jawn: "What?" Otterlock: "I think I'm an Otter." Jawn: "Good deductions."Otterlock and Jawn the Hedgehog! Adi R.C
That's all my art for today! I'm working on some more!

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